Bald Eagle Facts – 80 Amazing Facts About Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle Fun Facts

Bald eagles are not bald. It gets its name because its white head against its brown body makes it look bald from a distance.

The chicks are not born with brown feathers but they have light gray hair.

Bald eagles are also known as American eagles.

Bald eagles belong to the family of Accipitridae, which also includes kites, hawks etc.

Bald eagle is found in Canada, U.S and in Mexico.

At least one parent remains with young for first 2 weeks.

The young begins to fly in about 10-12 weeks.

Eagles have excellent hearing.

The word bald comes from a word “balde” in Old English which means white.

Immature bald eagles don’t have white head and tail. They are chocolaty brown with varying amounts of white over the body, tail and under wings.