Barack Obama Facts – 66 Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

He signed the executive order to kill Osama Bin Laden

Obama has a background which no other President in the US history.

Obama’s mother was a white woman from Kansas named Ann Dunham, while his father was a black Kenyan who divorced his wife when Obama was toddler

Much of his childhood was spent in Indonesia and Hawaii with his maternal grandparents

He had a difficult childhood primarily due to his mixed race background.

He acutely felt the absence of his father and in his memoirs wrote that he wondered if there is something wrong with him.

He also blamed his troubled childhood to his addiction to marijuana and cocaine in his youth.

He completed his graduation from New York’s Columbia University in 1983

He enrolled in the Harvard Law School and became its first president of the celebrated Harvard Law Review.

Obama’s relations with the Congress was problematic despite the fact that Democrats controlled the Congress his initiatives were often stymied by the Republicans.