Beer Facts – 26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Fun Beer Facts

Fucking Hell is a beer named after a village called Fucking in Austria. The village got its name after a Bavarian nobleman Focko.

Long before Edward Jenner perfected the process of inoculation and Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, Germans were already perfecting the art of making beer. The art has not changed much and the Weihenstephan brewery, whose owner Abbott Arnold obtained the brewing rights and license from a neighboring monastery, and it has been brewing beer continuously for the last 1000 years regardless of four fires, three plagues and a major earthquake.

The pH of Beer and that of the Vagina is almost equal, which is 4.5. It is towards the acidic side and keeps the vaginal canal free from infections.

Beer was illegal in the Iceland until March 1, 1989 and the day is celebrated each year as the Beer Day.

Beer Cans in many countries including Japan have Braille on them so that the visually impaired can distinguish between alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

Special Brew or Brew which contains a higher percentage of alcohol was first brewed in honor of Winston Churchill. Carlsberg Special Brew beer was created for Winston Churchill in 1950 on the instructions of the Danish government. However the drink has been long associated with problem drinkers.