Benjamin Franklin Facts – 85 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

benjamin franklin facts

Benjamin Franklin Facts: Interesting facts about Benjamin Facts. Franklin was many things including inventor, entrepreneur and one of the founding fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, and he was also hero of American Revolution. Let’s explore more facts about Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin facts

The French National Assembly declared a day of mourning when Franklin died.

Franklin was the oldest delegate at the age of 81 to sign the Constitution.

Franklin created the Sans-Serif font known as Franklin Gothic. It was named after him in 1902, and this font is usually used in newspaper headings.

Franklin had such influence in U.S. that he was called “The only President of the U.S. who was never President of the U.S.”

Benjamin spent 27 years of his life living in other countries.

None of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions are patented. According to him we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by our invention, and this should be done freely and generously.

Franklin was the first ambassador received by a foreign government, France.

Benjamin Franklin designed one of the first American coins, and instead of saying “In God we Trust,” it said “Mind your Business.”

“A dying man can do nothing easy”, were the last words of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin when he was 20 wrote 13 rules or 13 virtues which he followed for the rest of his life.