Benjamin Franklin Facts – 85 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin

He worked for another printer in Philadelphia, and then he went to London in 1724.

In 1725, when Benjamin Franklin was in London, he thought of opening a swimming school.

Franklin then returned to Philadelphia in 1726. And in the next few years held various jobs including shopkeeper, currency cutter, and bookkeeper.

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin created the Junto, a group of likeminded aspirants who hoped to improve themselves while they improved their community.

Junto is a drinking club, where members meet informally over drinks to discuss the issues of the day.

In 1728, Franklin partnered with his friend to open print shop in Philadelphia that published government pamphlets.

Franklin in 1730 was named as the official printer of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read in 1730.

Franklin then purchased The Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper from a former boss. The paper that was struggling became the most widely read in the colonies under his ownership.

He had less luck when he launched the first German language newspaper in 1732.