Benjamin Franklin Facts – 85 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin facts for kids

Benjamin Franklin became wealthy from the publishing of his “Poor Richards Almanac”. It was a general interest pamphlet including stories, practical tips, brain treasures etc. to amuse its readers.

The first edition of “Poor Richard’s Almanac” was published in 1732. And it was published annually for the next 25 years.

Franklin the next two decades became wealthy as a print shop owner, land speculator and a publisher.

By 1748, Benjamin Franklin had enough money to retire business and concentrate on invention and science.

Franklin was active in politics, he was the clerk of the Pennsylvania from 1736-51. A member of the Assembly from 1750-64, and deputy postmaster for colonies from 1753-74.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founders of the first public hospital in U.S., the Pennsylvania Hospital in 1751.

The first volunteer fire department was organized by Franklin in Philadelphia in 1752.

Benjamin Franklin was also responsible for creating the first insurance company in 1752, where the subscribers paid a fee for the assurance of having their property replaced or repaired if it was damaged in a fire.

Ben moved to London and represented the interests of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Georgia before the parliament from 1757 to 1775.

Benjamin Franklin was the first secretary of the American Philosophical Society. In 1769 he was elected as its president.