Berlin Wall Facts – 70 Interesting Facts About the Berlin Wall

Facts about the Berlin Wall

Berlin wall construction began on August 13, 1961 as a way of separating the zone controlled by the Soviet Union from the three zones controlled by Britain, France and America.

The argument between Russia and the America over the form of government led to the Cold War.

The three zones controlled by France, America and Britain became the West Germany and the one controlled by Soviet Union became the East Germany.

West Germany becomes The Federal Republic of Germany and the East Germany as the German Democratic Republic.

The Berlin Wall was constructed to prevent East Germans from entering into West Germany.

The Berlin Wall was constructed by East Germany claiming that it was to stop western spies from entering East Germany.

More than 136 people died while trying to cross the border, many were shot by guards or had an accident.

The Berlin Wall was built to cut-off West Berlin from East Berlin and East Germany.

People trying to get from East to West were considered as traitors and guards were instructed to shoot if they attempted to cross, but not with an intention to kill.

West Germans used to throw away rubbish on the other side of the Berlin Wall, making it an ideal way to get rid of rubbish.