Berlin Wall Facts – 70 Interesting Facts About the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall facts

Checkpoint Charlie is the most famous border crossing point.

There were several checkpoints that allowed the passage to and from either sides of the Berlin Wall.

Subway that runs across Germany was divided after the Berlin Wall was set up. The subways on the west can only operate in west and vice versa.

Although November 9, 1989 is regarded as the date of the fall of Berlin Wall, the official demolition didn’t start until 13th June, 1990.

On July 1st 1990, all the border controls ended, and on 3rd October 1990, Germany was recognized as a one country again.

The Berlin Wall was 11 to 13 feet high and stretched 28 miles.

When the Hungary border was opened in summer of 1989, many East Germans escaped to Austria through Hungary.

Germans chipped away pieces of the wall and then sold it on eBay. Those people were called “wall woodpeckers”.

There were 302 observation towers, 259 dog runs, and 20 bunkers guarded by 11,000 soldiers at Berlin Wall.

More than 100,000 people attempted to escape over the Berlin Wall and anywhere between 5000 and 10,000 succeeded.