Berlin Wall Facts – 70 Interesting Facts About the Berlin Wall

Facts about the Berlin Wall for Kids

On July 1st East Germany adopted the currency of West Germany.

Some 50,000 Berliners crossed each day to work in the west for larger salaries.

Nine months after the Berlin Wall was freely traversed, there was a 40% decline in birth rates in East Germany and it didn’t recover until 1994.

A piece of Berlin Wall is in the bathroom of a Las Vegas casino.

In 1948, Soviet blockade of West Berlin was aimed to starve the western allies out of the city. But U.S. and its allies supplied their sectors with food, fuel and other goods for a year from the air. This effort is known as Berlin Airlift.

The soviet blockade was called off in 1949.

A mistake helped in the fall of the wall. East and the West Germans flooded to the wall that led to its ultimate collapse when Guenther Schabowski, East German Politburo member mistakenly announces that East Germans would be allowed to cross into West Germany effective immediately.

Berlin was capital of Germany, and when the country was divided into East and West Germany the capital was also divided into four major powers.

When people in East Germany realized that they want to live under the rule of communism and Soviet Union, they began to move to the west.

Over 2 million people from East Germany defected to the West from 1949 to 1959.