Bill Gates Facts – Interesting and Unknown Facts About Bill Gates

Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Before the establishment of Microsoft Paul Allen and Bill Gates worked together on Traf-O-Data for a company that creates traffic counters built on Intel 8008 processor.

Bill Gates used to go through every single line of code for the starting 5 years of the company.

In the field of software industry Bill Gates is the toughest competitor for everyone.

Bill Gates confessed in an interview that sequence of Control-Alt-Delete to log in a computer is a wrong decision.

“The Friend requests got out of hand” so that’s the reason Bill Gates is only active on Twitter but not on Facebook.

Bill Gates makes almost 20 million US$ everyday which is 15,000 US$ per hour and comes to 250$ per minute.

In 1999, Bill Gates became the Centimillionaire with 101 Million US$.

From 1995 to 2008 Bill Gates was the richest man on the planet until Warren Buffet took the lead.

With the increase in his fortune from 15.8 Billion US$ to 78.5 Billion US$, Bill Gates again became the richest man on the planet in 2013.

To keep up the promise given to his father, Bill Gates went back to college after 32 years and received the Honorary Degree from the Harvard University in 2007.