Bill Gates Facts – Interesting and Unknown Facts About Bill Gates

Fun Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates foundation is among the highest contributor for a lot of charities.

In 2005, Bill Gates became a knighthood with order KBE(Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of British Empire) from the Queen of England because of his charitable donations globally.

In 2009, Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook CEO) and Warren Buffet(Microsoft Investor) signed the “Gates –Buffet Giving Pledge” where they donate half of their Fortune to charities.

Bill Gates appeared with Jerry Seinfeld in one of the Microsoft Ad launched in 2008.

Every Microsoft employee knows the Bill Gates prompt line “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard” in between the presentations.

In 1994, Bill Gates got married to his long time girlfriend Melinda French.

In 2000, Bill Gates acted as the Chairman and Chief Software Architect for Microsoft.

From Bill & Melinda Foundation, a 28 million US$ is donated through charitable trusts.

A building is named after Bill Gates in Carnegie Mellon University called as The Gates Building of Computer Science.

Every year Bill Gates goes to India to counsel on his charity’s progress and creating awareness globally.