Bill Gates Facts – Interesting and Unknown Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates Interesting Facts

Bill Gates predicted that Microsoft would “never make a 32 bit OS” but in 1992 the Microsoft came out with Windows NT.

One of Bill Gates wrong prediction concluded that a user doesn’t require more than 640 KB of memory in a computer and hence it’s proven.

Bill Gates restricted of using Apple products to his Family members and also to Steve Balmer’s family.

After resigning Microsoft, Bill Gates established many companies like “Research Gate” and business ventures like “TerraPower” and Corbis.

Bill Gates owns and drives only Porsche. Which are Porsche 911 convertible and 88 Porsche 959 coupe.

Bill Gates is the co-writer for Altair Basic in Harvard University.

Altair basic is the first product launched by the Microsoft.

In 1987, Manhattan Microsoft Press conference, Bill Gates first met his wife Melinda who is a Microsoft Employee.

If, Microsoft Windows creates a policy for user’s to claim 1 US$ for every computer hangs, then within 3 years Bill gates will be bankrupted.