Black History Facts – 39 Little Known Facts About Black History

Facts About Black History

The demand of labor for plantation and mining grew and native population being decimated, the transatlantic slave trade began.

Transatlantic Slave Trade happened in between 1500-1866, shipping more than 12 million African slaves across the world.

Of these only 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage.

In the coming 4 centuries most of the slaves found their way to Brazil which was the last country to ban slavery.

The Jewish and African American communities have a shared but turbulent history and this connection is often overlooked.

In 1930’s Anti Semitism was at its peak in the 1930’s in Europe and many Jewish Academics were dismissed from their positions in institutions.

Many came to America looking for jobs. However due to depression, xenophobia and rising anti Semitism, not many could get employment.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities was established to educate the freed

More than 50 found positions at HBCUs in the segregated South. By the time the Jewish professors arrived, the number of HBCUs had grown to 78. However in the following years the interests of Jewish and African American communities diverged but interracial cooperation was the key part of the civil rights movement.