Blue Whale Facts – 101 Astounding Facts About Blue Whales

Facts About Blue Whale

There are two blowholes in Blue whale.

Swedish taxonomist, Carl Linnaeus named the blue whale in 1758.

The Blue Whale’s stomach can hold the food up to 2,200 pounds in the Blubber.

Blue Whales do not breathe through gills like fish but instead they use lungs to breathe air at the surface of the ocean.

The blue whale uses its tail fin c/alled as fluke to swim through the waters of the ocean.

A group of blue whales are called as Pods.

A Blue Whale can consume as many calories in a single mouthful as an average person can roughly consume in 180 days.

During the whaling era, the Blue Whales were killed for their whalebone or the keratin plates that is been used as umbrella ribs, corset stays and carriage springs.

Blue whales spend their summer feeding in polar waters and migrate towards the Equator as winter arrives.

The largest population of Blue Whales was in Antarctica before whaling.

Blue whales are believed to have evolved from hippopotamus.