Blue Whale Facts – 101 Astounding Facts About Blue Whales

Fun Facts About Blue Whales

The heaviest Blue whale ever is around 200 tons.

It is estimated that 2.8 million Blue Whales are killed during 20th

Most of the expensive perfumes contain the excreta of the Blue Whales.

To give a comparison, the Blue Whale is actually larger than the basketball court.

A blue whale can go up to 6 months without eating.

The female Blue Whale can produce only one offspring at a time.

The whaling commission made an exception in their moratorium to have an Annual hunt for Blue Whales in countries like Norway, Iceland, Japan and some communities of Alaska, Siberia and Northern Canada.

The highest concentration of Blue Whales is present in California coastal waters including Monterey bay with 2,000 of them crossing from canyon to Monterey bay.

The largest population decline of the Blue Whales occurred in mid 1920’s where the numbers declined from 350,000 to 1,000.

Blue Whale sprays the water from the Blowhole that can reach up to 3 meters.