Bolivia Facts – 70 Fascinating Facts About Bolivia

Fun Facts About Bolivia

Simon Bolivar was at various times the president of Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador.

The world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni is in Bolivia. It is 10,582 sq km, roughly the size of Jamaica.

La Paz is the world’s highest capital city at 3,600 m or 11,800 feet.

The waters of Lake Titicaca, help warm the air of La paz, which otherwise be inhabitable.

Bolivia has two capitals: Sucre, the official capital and La Paz, the working capital.

Zebras i.e. people dresses in zebras wander the streets of La Paz helping the children to cross the safety.

Dead animals including dried llama fetuses are sold on the streets of Bolivia, so that they can offer them to Pachamama (Mother Nature) in return of blessings.

Bolivia is one of the two landlocked South American countries (the other is Paraguay).

Bolivia is officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Bolivia is the largest landlocked country in the Americas.