Bolivia Facts – 70 Fascinating Facts About Bolivia

Bolivia Fun Facts

Spanish is the most spoken official language in Bolivia.

Bolivia is home to the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary, spanning over 24 hectares.

There is road called the North Yungas Road or the “The Road of Fate or Death Road” in Bolivia. It is estimated that nearly 200-300 people die from falling off the road every year.

Tiwanaku is one of the South America’s most intriguing archeological sites.

San Pedro prison in Bolivia, permits its inmates to live with their families, work, earn and even buy or rent their accommodations.

The dolphins in the Amazon in Bolivia are actually pink.

Over 40% of the flora and fauna on Earth can be found in Bolivia.

Soccer is a national sport of Bolivai.

Only about 30% of all roads are paved in Bolivia.

Husband’s first surname is added to his wife’s name after marriage with the connecter “de”.