Bolivia Facts – 70 Fascinating Facts About Bolivia

Bolivia Facts for Kids

Bolivia is one of the best places for mountaineering. It has many mountains more than 6000 m that can be climbed.

The highest point in Bolivia is Nevado Sajama at 5,542 m.

Quechua, Aymara and Guarani are the 3 main indigenous languages spoken in Bolivia.

Mamore, Beni and Madre de Dios are the most important rivers of Bolivia.

Bolivia is home to Madidi National park, world’s richest protected area, it is less than half the size of Costa Rica, but harbors more bird species than the country does.

Bolivia is home to the world’s highest beer spa, the Adventure Brew Hostel, La Paz.

“La Union es la Fuerza” meaning “unity is strength” is the national motto of Bolivia.

Potatoes are the main dish of South America, and over 400 types of potatoes can be found in Bolivia.

Soya beans are the major cash crops of Bolivia.a 

Singani is the official spirit of Bolivia.