Brain facts – 135 Interesting Facts About the Brain

Brain Fun Facts

Ray Kurzweil predicted that a laptop would run as accurately as a human brain by 2023.

Blood clot in the brain blocks the local blood supply resulting in stroke. One of the symptoms is that it damages the nearby brain tissue.

Brain forms new brain cells throughout life. Neurogenesis is the term given to the process of forming new brain cells.

Brain is made of cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

A mild electric shock to the brain, increases math skills.

When two musicians are performing a duet their brain waves synchronize.

Taking naps helps brain to solidify memory.

Meditation helps in rewiring of brain for better.When Jazz musicians improvise, it is found that the brain turns off areas related to self-censoring and inhibition and turn on areas that let self expression flow.

4th most powerful supercomputer of 2015 took 40 minutes to perform a brain activity, which the brain would have completed in one second.

The weight of your skin is twice as much as your brain.