Brain facts – 135 Interesting Facts About the Brain

Facts About the Human Brain

75% of brain is made up of water.

When cocaine is taken their pleasure centers lights up and dopamine and serotonin are released.

The brain’s neuron receptor actually feels the pain but not the brain itself.

Stupidity virus known as Cholovirus ATCV-1 makes people less intelligent by attacking the DNA.

The new born baby has more number of brain cells than a normal adult.

Physically elephants brain is larger than human’s brain, but humans have larger brain to body size (the elephant’s brain 0.15% of its body weight while human brain is 2% of its body weight).

Amygdala of brain is responsible for reading other people’s facial expressions and mood.

Brain keeps developing until 50 years.

During sleep brain consumes one-fifth of a calorie per minute.

A person dreams for 1 to 2 hours at night with 4 to 7 different dreams.