Breast Cancer Facts – Awareness Facts About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best defense against breast cancer.

Women with dense breast are more likely to develop breast cancer.

More than 85% of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have a family member who has been diagnosed with it.

Approximately 5 – 10% of breast cancers are believed to be caused by inherited gene mutations.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are most common for developing breast cancer, they are also associated with increased ovarian cancer.

On average, women with BRAC1 mutation have 55-65% chances of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes.

Women with BRCA2 mutation have 45% chances of developing breast cancer in their lifetime.

Two significant factors for developing breast cancer are gender, i.e. being a woman and age, i.e. growing older.

Obesity can be linked to increased risk of breast cancer.

Women who gains more than 55 pounds after age 18 had almost a 50% higher chance of breast cancer compared to the one who maintained their weight.