Breast Cancer Facts – Awareness Facts About Breast Cancer

Interesting Facts About Breast Cancer

Highest incident rates of breast cancer are observed in non-Hispanic white women, followed by Africa-American and Asia/Pacific women.

29% of the newly diagnosed cancer is accounted by breast cancer.

Under 40 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have 4.5 times increased risk of developing another breast cancer.

Less than 1% of general population has a BRCA gene mutation.

Overweight women have 1.5 times higher chances of developing breast cancer than lean women after menopause. Whereas obese women have twice the risk compared to lean women.

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer for women of all body types, even lean women. It lowers the risk by 10-20% compared to women who are inactive.

150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week is recommended by the American Cancer Society to manage the risk.

Each 10 gm of alcohol consumed increases the risk of breast cancer by about 7-12%.

Long term smokers, have the risk of breast cancer increased to 35-50%.

For breast cancer survivors exercise is beneficial.