Buddhism Facts – Interesting Facts About Buddhism

Facts on Buddhism

Mahayana’s are found throughout East Asia.

The current Dalai Lama was selected for the role at the age of 2, and was formally recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama when he was 4.

The term ‘Buddhism’ was coined by Western scholars in 1830s. Buddhists actually don’t refer to their religion as “Buddhism”.

Homosexual relations among Buddhist samurai and clergy were actually quite common in Japan.

The Noble Eight Fold path concept is being moral.

Buddha is the one who is purified one who has no more cravings, and hence liberated from the cycle of rebirths.

Suicide in Buddhism is seen as throwing away an opportunity to generate positive karma.

In Japan, some Buddhist monks practiced self-mummification by following a special diet and then sealing themselves alive in burial chambers.

12 sources of suffering exist and they are interdependent, according to Buddhism.

Buddhist revere 28 Buddha’s including Gautama Buddha.