Buddhism Facts – Interesting Facts About Buddhism

Buddhism Facts and Beliefs

Buddhists can worship at home or at temple.

Buddha’s spot under the bodhi trees, where he got enlightened is till preserved to this day.

There is even a third branch of Buddhism, called Vajrayana. It is sometimes considered a part of Mahayana.

First 400 years after Gautama Buddha’s life, his teachings were preserved orally.

Buddha’s teachings were first written 450 years after his death, in the Fourth Buddhist Council in Sri Lanka in 29 BC.

At the age of 80, Buddha died in Kushinagar, India in 483 BC.

There are three marks of existence in Buddhism: impermanence, suffering and no-self.

Buddha when he went outside the palace walls he saw four sights: an old man, a sick man, a poor man and a corpse.

These four sights disturbed Buddha and he left home to seek enlightenment though spiritual quest at the age of 29.

Buddha then wandered for 6 years.