Bullying Facts – 100 Staggering Facts About Bullying

Bullying Facts and Statistics

More than 83% of adults who stuttered as children reported that they have been bullied.

Girls and boys are equally likely to experience bullying.

Many adults who were bullied said that over time, their shame and feelings of unhappiness decreased. However, those who experienced immense pain while bullying continue to show depression, low self-esteem.

58% of children reported that they have never bullied a peer.

Bullying behavior peaks at 47% for boys in grade nine, while it peaks at 37% for girls in grades six, eight and nine.

Kids who continually observe bullying when they were 5 and if it is ignored and unchecked by adults then they are at high risk of becoming bullies themselves.

Bullying can take place anywhere where there is perceived or real imbalance of power.

60% of boys who bullied children from 1st grade through 9th grade were convicted of at least 1 crime by the age of 24 and 40% had over 3 convictions by the same age.

Children who bullied in 6th grade has become voraciously aggressive in 12th grade, while the children who were bullied developed feelings of loneliness.

Kids in lower grades experience bullying from same-age bullies. Younger students experience more direct bullying, whereas older students face more indirect bullying.