Butterfly Facts – 58 Interesting Facts About Butterflies

butterfly facts

Butterfly Facts – 58 interesting facts about butterflies. Butterflies are beautiful insects, which everyone wants in their garden! They are so colorful and they add colors to our lives. There are many species of butterfly but the one that catches everyone’s interest in the Monarch butterfly which migrates thousands of miles in winter. Let’s explore more facts about butterflies and learn interesting and new stuff about these wonderful and colorful species.

Butterfly Facts

Butterflies can still fly if their scales are removed, but they are less colorful.

Female butterflies are usually bigger and they live longer than male butterflies.

Butterflies use a special glue to attach their eggs to leaves.

Antarctica is the only continent where no butterflies, moths and skippers have been found.

Many adult butterflies never excrete waste, but they use all they eat for energy.

Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature drops by 86 degrees.

Butterflies get their color through millions of overlapping scales called shingles.

Butterflies are the second largest group of pollinators after bees.

Did you know butterflies can’t hear, and they can only feel the vibrations?

Butterflies don’t have lungs.