California Facts – 110 Fascinating Facts About California

Fun Facts about California

From 1998, horse meat is banned in California.

California is world’s 5th largest food supplier.

California has 12% of U.S population, but emits 6.9% of the country’s greenhouse gas, whereas Texas has 8.5% of U.S population and emits 12.8%.

Each year, California produces 17 million gallons of wine.

California is a home to 80,000 jobs and is called as the city of industry.

The population of California exceeds the total population of Canada.

Since 1980, California has built 23 prisons. Only one new campus was built by the University of California system during the same period.

Since 2015, the Latinos outnumber the whites in California.

California is home to the longest and the largest tree of the world.

In California there are towns named as “cool” and “Squabbletown”.