California Facts – 110 Fascinating Facts About California

Interesting Facts About California

On 2nd April, 1902 the first motion picture theater was opened in Los Angeles, California.

California has the world’s largest outdoor Amphitheater, the Hollywood bowl.

Every two weeks, a person jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge.

World’s largest Landlocked Harbor is located in San Francisco bay, California.

San Bernardino County is the largest county of U.S with three Million Acres.

Every year, more than 300,000 tons of grapes are grown in California.

The eighth smallest county of California is Alpine county and it has no ATMs, High school, dentists, banks or traffic lights.

Fallbrook is called the Avocado capital of the world.

Kennedy mine located at Jackson was labeled as one of the world’s richest Mining place in the late 1850s.

Tehama County Fairgrounds in Red bluff hosts the America’s largest 3 day rodeo.