California Facts – 110 Fascinating Facts About California

California Fun Facts

Since 1901, a light bulb hasn’t turned off and it is still glowing at the California fire station. It is world’s longest-lasting bulb.

The Country Sore in Baker, California sold the highest winning lottery tickets than any other outlet in the state.

The first state to reach the trillion dollar economy in gross state product is California.

California is the headquarters to the world’s 3 largest revenue companies, i.e. Apple, Chevron and McKesson.

California’s agriculture industry has the highest output of any state in U.S.

California is also known as The Golden State, The El Dorado State, The Grape State and The land of milk & Honey.

Official state tree of California is the Redwood.

Fresno, California considered as the Raisin capital of the world.

Most of the gray whale calves are born in the warm and shallow lagoons of Baja, California.

Ladies Night in California is against the law, because of gender discrimination.