California Facts – 110 Fascinating Facts About California

California State Facts

A man in California customized his car number plate as “no plate” and got more than 2500 parking tickets.

Redding, California is named in the top 10 fishing places of America.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is the first Spanish, European navigator to visit California in 1542.

Avocados were introduced from Mexico to California.

The first McDonald restaurant opened in 1940 in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

San Bernardino is the largest County of the United States.

Castroville is named as the artichoke capital of the world. In 1947 Castroville crowned Norma Jean as the first Artichoke Queen and later she is called Marilyn Monroe.

Gasoline tax in California is the fifth highest in the United States with 38.23 cents per gallon.

State sales tax in California is the highest in the United States with 7.2% in general sales.

Personal income tax in California is the highest top rate in America with 13.3% including surcharge.