Car Facts – Crazy Facts About Cars That You Didn’t Know

Interesting Car Facts

Honking is illegal in NYC, except in an emergency.

Cars were seen as the green alternative as the horses were causing so much pollution with their poop in the early years of 20th

80% of a car is recyclable.

If a key fob is pressed more than 256 times while out of range, it will cause it stop working.

It takes about 25 hours to build a car, and 10 hours of that is spent on painting the car.

Almost 80% of Formula One drivers have a coating on their exhaust pipe that was originally designed for nuclear reactors.

Steve Jobs has found a loophole in California state law that excused him from having a license plate.

1 out of 4 car produced in the world is from China.

New York and New Jerseys have the worst drivers in America, according to a survey in 2009.

Mitsubishi created the famous Zero airplanes in WWII.