Interesting Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Most cats will eat 7 to 20 small meals a day.

Cats have personality, and the way you bring up your kitten will determine its personality for the rest of its life

Cats are amazing jumpers; they can jump to seven times their height.

Feral cats wander farther than free roaming house cats

Cats are masters of lapping up liquid and keeping their chin dry.

Cats brains are more complex than a dogs and is about 90 percent similar to ours.

A cat can recognize his owner’s footsteps from hundreds of feet away.

A cats sense of smell is 14 times more sensitive than humans

Cats can really run as fast as 31 miles per hour or 50 km.

Cats rub their faces against objects to claim them as their territory – when a cat rubs your face, you are considered their family.