Interesting Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting Cat Facts

Cats can’t taste sweetness.

In Japan, black cats are considered to bring good luck.

When a cat chases a pray, it keeps its head level, whereas humans and dogs bob their heads up and down.

Cats don’t have sweet tooth, whereas dogs have. It is believed that this is due to a mutation in key taste receptor.

Male cats are more often tend to be left pawed, while female cats tend to be right pawed.

Dogs can make out only 10 sounds, while cats can make out about 100 different sounds.

Cats are better at hearing than dogs. They can hear high frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human.

Some cats have survived falls of over 65 feet or 20 meters, due largely to their “righting reflex”. Cats can identify where there are in the space using their eyes and balance organs in the inner ear so that it can land on its feet. Even cats without a tail have this unique ability.

Cat purring is the mystery unsolved. Researchers are unsure exactly how they purr. Most believe that a cat purrs by vibrating vocal folds deep in the throat. To so this, a muscle in the larynx opens and closes the air passage about 25 times per second.

Generally cats give birth to a litter of between one and nine kittens. The largest known litter ever produced was 19 kittens, and 15 of them survived.