Cheetah Facts – Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Cheetah Facts for Kids

Even the female cheetah makes the sputtering sounds for calling the cubs.

During ancient times cheetah’s skin is been wore by the kings to show the royalty.

The extinct giant cheetah is triple the stature of present cheetah which makes easy to hunt larger preys.

Cheetahs are always chased by lions, leopards and hyenas but never been a meal for them.

When cheetah feels like in danger it makes a hiss, crouch, lunge and even slap the ground.

During Renaissance cheetahs were raised by Italian and French noble families to show their nobility.

They even raise cheetahs for hunting tactics and used like predators.

10,000 years ago, 75% of the mammals disappeared but cheetahs were reduced in numbers only.

Usually a cheetah doesn’t required water to regain energy before they hunt but they will when it is available.