Cheetah Facts – Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Interesting Facts About Cheetahs

Cheetah can run only up to 400 to 600 yards at a single stretch and after becoming tired they are very vulnerable for other predators.

In 1956, the first cheetah is been captured and raised under captivity, which even gave birth to a cub.

In 1956, an experiment on cheetah proves that captive cheetah’s have very less birth rate.

Most of the big cat’s family are nocturnal but cheetah’s are diurnal, they prefer hunting at dawn and dusk.

A single cheetah prefers hunting small preys but when they allied in groups can bring down a zebra and wild bull.

Cheetah cubs have carve markings on the back just like a “honey badger” (Ratel) which acts has a camouflage for the predators.

When giant cheetah got extinct 10,000 years ago which leaves only a little resemble for the present cheetahs.

Cheetahs don’t have front two hunting claws on upper and lower jaw like the lions & leopards. So, they need to get in combat to bring down the prey.

During ancient times cheetah’s skin is offered as a loyalty to kings and nobles.

There are four subspecies of cheetahs known as northern, southern, eastern and central African cheetahs.