Cheetah Facts – Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Fun Facts About Cheetahs

During his reign of 49 years King Akbar, an Indian ruler of 16th century reserved precise records of 9,000 Cheetahs that have been captured under his command.

Cheetah’s vision are 50% more accurate than humans which makes it possible to see object crystal clear from over 3 miles distance.

When compared to other predators cheetah has 50% chance in losing its kill.

Due to cheetah’s irregular hunting timings it never loses its prey.

Within three strides cheetah reaches 0 to 40 mph and within few seconds it reaches 70 mph.

During the hunting period the female cheetah leaves its cubs for 48 hours.

Due to its ancient genetic diversity cheetahs have common birth defects causing 2 headed and 6 legged cubs.

Cheetahs never defend themselves even when haunting larger predators.

Cheetahs never look for a matching opponent predator; they just rely on the tactics of escaping, quick turnings rather than speed.

The extinct giant cheetahs have been triple the size when compared to present cheetah and bigger than lions.