Cheetah Facts – Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Facts About Cheetahs for Kids

The extinct giant cheetah weighs around 260 pounds.

Due to genetic diversity many cheetahs have crooked and kinked tails.

They are 100,000 cheetahs by the end of 19th

Only 9,000 to 12,000 are present around the world today and mostly in Africa.

Due to predation by extinct American cheetah, pronghorns have evolved to catch a speed of 60 mph.

When cheetah is at the 70 mph speed it covers 3 strides per second and each stride covers 20 to 25 feet.

To track down cheetahs in the forest, scientists keep lightweight radio collars fixed around a cheetah neck.

Female cheetah teaches haunting and killing skills to his cubs by giving them a wounded prey.

Cheetahs move its cubs frequently to hide the smell of its young from predators.