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Christopher Columbus Facts and Information

During the third voyage the conditions at the settlement deteriorated due to unhappy natives who had been misled by Columbus claims of riches, and poor management by Columbus brothers.

Columbus was the first European to see the coast of South America during his third voyage.

Spanish crown has sent men to Hispaniola to arrest Columbus and his brother in 1500. Columbus was stripped off his governorship and was brought back to Spain in chains under accusation of mismanagement of the colony. However, King Ferdinand granted his freedom and even subsidized a fourth trip.

Columbus left for fourth voyage in 1502.

Columbus was stuck in Jamaica in 1503, and the islanders angry with his governance were refusing to provide food. Knowing that a lunar eclipse was going to happen, he told the islanders that his gods were angry for not giving him food. After the eclipse, the scared islanders gave him plenty of food and begged for pardon.

Columbus and his crew were struck in Jamaica for a year, when finally help arrived, sent by the governor of Hispaniola. Columbus and his man were taken back to Spain in 1504.

Spanish monarch promised that if he discover land, he would be the governor of the new land, richly rewarded, receive 10% of revenues of land produces, and was allowed to purchase 1/8 interest and receive 1/8 profit if any industries were established.

He wrote a book titled “Book of Prophecies’ later in his life, where he said that all his voyages were divine missions directed by God. He believe that world was coming to an end and he was bringing it about.

Columbus is believed to be one of the best “dead reckoning” sailors to ever walk the planet.

Columbus arrival to the Americas is celebrated by the New World and many countries in Europe celebrate on October 12, 1492.