Christopher Columbus Facts – Interesting Facts About Christopher Columbus

10 Facts About Christopher Columbus

October 12 is called ‘Columbus Day’ in United States.

In 1906, Columbus Day first became an official holiday in Colorado and in 1937 it became a federal holiday. The holiday was moved to the second Monday of October in 1970.

The remains of Christopher Columbus have been transported so many times between the Old and the New World that many historians believe that his remains are scattered in both worlds.

Christopher Columbus both sons served as pages to Prince Juan, son of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Columbus left Spain in the Santa Maria along with Nina and Pinta in 1492.

Pinta and Nina were not the actual names of two of the threes hips of Columbus.

Columbus had three brothers and one sister. He was the eldest in the house.

Pinta is the Spanish word meaning ‘the painted one’.

Machu Pichu was built 49 years before Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World, around 1450 CE.

In 1792, the first commemoration of Columbus took place.