Chuck Norris Facts – Funny Facts About Chuck Norris

Best Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris built the United Fighting Arts Federation.

Chuck Norris started Kickstart Kids for children.

Chuck Norris founded World Combat League (WCL).

Even after founding Chun Kuk Do Chuck Norris still serviced has an Air Pilot for Air Force Base.

Chuck Norris created his own significant move called Round-house kick.

With this signature move Round-House Kick can knock-out two people at once.

Chuck Norris starred with Bruce Lee in “Way of the Dragon” in 1972.

He even inspired Bruce Lee to study his technique and adapt his fighting style.

Chuck Norris has knocked down Bruce Lee during the filming of “Way of Dragon” which was written in his book “The Secret Power Within.”

He has run a T.V series called “walker -Texas ranger” for 2 years of 203 episodes with more than billion viewers Daily.