Civil War Facts – Facts You Should Know About the Civil War

Interesting Facts About the Civil War

More men died in the Civil War than any other American conflict, and nearly two-thirds of the dead perished from disease.

One of every 65 federates and one of every 45 confederates was killed in combat.

Most of the fighting during the Civil War took place in Virginia, over 2,100 event, followed by Tennessee nearly 1,400 and Missouri over 1,000.

The last Southern confederates surrendered on May 26, 1865. Afterwards, survivors began decorating the graves of those who died. They repeated the ritual each year on “The Decoration Day”, which is now known as Memorial Day.

At the battle of Wilderness, an estimated 800 wounded men burned to death as they were unable to crawl away from the advancing bush fires.

Immediately after the war, 2 out of 3 men sentenced to state prisons in the North were Civil War veterans.

During the Civil War life expectancy of the horses and other draft animals has fallen to 7 month. As many as 300,000 horses died.

Fighting took place on each day of the war, which means they fought for approximately 1,396 days from 1861 to 1865.

About 10,456 military events took place during the Civil War.

The Civil War is known by more than 25 names, including “the Brothers War,” “The war for the Union.” “The War of the Rebellion,” etc.