Cleopatra Facts – 34 Interesting Facts About Cleopatra

Fun Facts About Cleopatra

Cleopatra is known in popular culture as a ruthless temptress who used her sex appeal in forwarding her own political fortunes. However she is also renowned for her intellect and deep knowledge in mathematics, philosophy, oratory and astronomy.

She knew more than 12 languages and always encouraged scholars and thinkers. She also immensely liked their company.

There is another school of thought which is skeptical about the so called sex appeal of Cleopatra and said that she had a hooked nose and this has been confirmed by the Coins with her portrait. However she was a good orator and had a honeyed speaking voice and “irresistible charm”

Cleopatra was at loggerheads with her brothers and sisters. She was driven out by her husband Ptolemy XIII and also was involved in a civil war. Cleopatra succeeded in defeating Ptolemy XIII with the aid of Julius Ceaser. Ptolemy was killed in the battle.

Her brother Ptolemy VIII was only 10 years old when Cleopatra married him and made him the co-regent.

Cleopatra is believed to have murdered her younger brother Ptolemy XIV in a bid to make her son the co-ruler of Egypt.

Cleopatra also ordered the execution of her sister, Arsinoe, who she considered a rival to throne.

Popular folklore says that Cleopatra had smuggled herself rolled in a carpet into Julius Caesar’s camp and seduced the Roman General with her charms.

She employed a similar technique to seduce Mark Antony when she arrived on a golden barge adorned with purple sails and rowed by oars made of silver. It complemented her irresistible beauty and had Mark Antony infatuated

Cleopatra joined Julius Caesar in Rome in 46 BC and had caused quite a stir with her exotic hairstyle and pearl jewelry became a fashion trend. However she had to flee Rome after Julius Caesar’s murder by Brutus.