Cockroach Facts – 105 Creepy Facts About Cockroaches

cockroach facts

Cockroach facts: Interesting facts about cockroaches. Cockroaches are also known as roaches. They are some of the most adaptable creatures on Earth. They know how to find food and even survive in hostile environments. The word cockroach itself brings out fear in many, leave alone seeing them around. Some perceive them as disgusting while for others they are stinking pest that are not welcomed at home. But, there is more to just being a pest, cockroaches are beneficial to the ecosystem as they play a vital role of decaying the organic matter. Let’s explore fun facts about cockroaches.

Cockroach Facts

Tropical cockroaches are larger than the ones found in other climates.

Cockroaches don’t need to worry about vitamins from food, because they carry bacteria that produce vitamins for them.

Cockroaches use tactile communication and chemical to communicate with each other.

Cockroaches move in a direction that tries to take them away from wind or air.

Cockroaches are excellent climbers.

Cockroaches like to be touched, probably on all sides, and hence squeeze into spaces that give them a tight fit.

Cockroaches don’t have blood pressure.

The value of fried cockroach has increased in china from 2010 to 2013. They are used to provide protein and cellulose for cosmetics.

Cockroach can detect changes in barometric pressure, and they can know when a severe rainstorm is forthcoming.

Cockroaches cannot move backwards.