Cockroach Facts – 105 Creepy Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroach Fun Facts

Cockroaches exist from the time of dinosaurs. Modern cockroaches are at least 200 million years old, while ancestral roaches have been around 350 million years ago.

Of the 4,600 species of cockroaches, about 30 types of cockroaches are considered pests.

For nearly 40 minutes cockroaches can hold their breath!

Depending on the species of cockroaches, they can live anywhere between a few months to a couple of years.

Cockroaches can run on two legs.

Some cockroaches like the German cockroach uses aggregation pheromone to attract other roaches to the area. Hence the more roaches live in an area, the more favorable hotspot it becomes.

Saltoblattella mntistabularis or leaproach, the only cockroach species that can jump.

Not all cockroaches fly. Others use their wings to stabilize themselves when they jump.

Cockroaches sleep in the day and become active at night.

The Madagascar hissing cockroach is the only insect to use the air passageways to produce sound.