Cockroach Facts – 105 Creepy Facts About Cockroaches

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Cockroach Facts Information

Cockroaches need moist environments to prosper. They don’t do well in dry environments.

Cockroaches have tiny hair in their legs which make them detect even the slightest movement of air, and thus it is hard to catch them.

The brain of roach does not control its breathing.

Cockroaches can survive up to 30 minutes underwater without breathing.

German cockroach can become an adult from an egg in approximately 50 – 60 days.

Cockroaches can move at speeds of 3 miles per hour.

Japanese cockroach is the only cockroach that can walk on ice.

Cockroaches being cold-blooded cannot tolerate cold, but Japanese cockroach is the only cockroach species to survive cold. They hibernate during the period.

Cockroaches protect her eggs in a thick protective case, called oothecae.

Cockroaches shed their skin as they grow.