Cockroach Facts – 105 Creepy Facts About Cockroaches

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Cockroach Amazing Facts

Catnip is a natural cockroach repellent.

Cockroaches raised in space are faster, stronger, tougher and quicker than the ones on Earth.

Intrusion is the term used to refer a group of cockroaches.

Most cockroaches’ blood is colorless except adult female cockroach, whose blood is sometimes orange.

Blattaria is the scientific name of cockroach.

An average chocolate bar has eight insect parts in it. However the FDA considered that 60 insect parts per 100 gm is safe for human consumption.

Russia’s capital has seen a significant fall in cockroaches in 2008, but then in 2011 the numbers didn’t just started to increase but they are seen as a plague with influx of cockroaches. The mystery of where the cockroaches had gone is yet unsolved.

Luchihormetica luckae is one of the rarest cockroaches in the world and is believe to be extinct. The single specimen was collected in Ecuador in 1939. What’s fascinating is that it can glow.

There are cockroach sports, where they are made to race or fight. Cockroach fighting originated in China.

Cockroaches can produce up to 50 offspring’s at once.