Cool Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart

Pufferfish males spends days creating elaborate sand circles to attract a mate.

The location of the worls’s tallest tree named Hyperion, is kept secret. The tree is 397 feet tall, almost twice the size of Statue of Liberty.

When the sunlight hits water droplets that are below the horizon and you’re high enough above ground, you can see a full circle rainbow.

The Ball Python is such a docile snake that if the Igbo people of Central Africa find a dead one, they will build a tiny coffin for it and give it a funeral.

There are castles for sale in France that are cheaper than old three-bedroom apartments in Sydney, Australia.

The volcanic island of Aogashima, which is home to about 170 people, is a natural planetarium. Because there’s nothing around for miles, the night sky shines brightly and offers a perfect view of Milky Way.

Crowds on Demand is an American publicity firm where you can hire a lot of strangers to attend your event. The owner of the company admitted that people running for congress, senate and even the presidential office have used this service to appear to have more supporters.

The largest known star is UY Scuti, it is 5 billion times larger than the sun, but only 30 times the mass.

A Michigan State University professor has created a transparent solar panel that can be used on windows to power a building.

The Luzon bleeding heart is a dove with a red patch on its breast that resembles a bloody wound.