Cool Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart

The ‘Pigg-O-Stat’ is the device radiologists use to safely immobilize babies and young children that can’t sit still during x-ray.

The majority of bee species are solitary and do not work in a collective hive.

Central America was a unified country from 1822 until 1832, it was called The Federal Republic of Central America.

The storm on Saturn’s North Pole, known as ‘the hexagon,’ has vortices in the center that spin clockwise, while the surrounding hurricanes and hexagonal cloud patterns spin counterclockwise.

The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain practiced segregation until 2004, when the U.S. Justice Department forced them to stop.

Spark Your City, a new movement dedicated to transforming cities into living playgrounds, turned the London Bridge into a walkway that looked like Rainbow Road for a day to cheer people up on gloomy Monday morning.

There’s an actual tactic called “rubber duck debugging” where programmers verbally explain a broken code to rubber duck in hopes of finding the solution by describing the problem.

Thomas Edison invented the tattoo machine.

There exists a variation of soccer where 3 teams face each other at the same time.

The US Supreme Court has ruled gay marriage is legal nationwide.