Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica

Interesting facts about Costa Rica

Front doors of almost all commercial establishments always open inwards. This is against fire code in the U.S.

Costa Rica is smaller than Lake Michigan.

Costa Ricans started used street signs in 2012.

The name Costa Rica was first used by the officials of Panama in 1539 to distinguish the territory between Panama and Nicaragua.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to land on Costa Rica on September 8, 1502. He took the refuge off the coast between tiny Uvita Island and current port of Limon.

Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 96%.

Native Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos for male and Ticas for females.

Costa Rican women do not take their husbands last name when they get married, but they retain their maiden name along with their mothers name.

Almost all catholic churches in Costa Rica face west.

Costa Rica consistently ranks #1 on the Happy Planet Index.