Costa Rica Facts – 95 Loving Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica fun facts

Jamaica has introduced coffee in Costa Rica in 1779. Coffee is called as the grano de oro (grain of gold) in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica was the #1 exporter of coffee for 150 years until tourism surpassed it in 1991. Today it is the 13th largest coffee exporter in the world.

In Costa Rica, a soda is restaurant that serves chicken, beans, salad and rice for US$2 or $3 a plate.

Costa Ricans have at least a dozen terms for rain.

Costa Ricans refer to their significant others are “Media naranja” or “the other half of the orange,” instead of saying “my other half.”

“Ella dio a luz” is a phrase used after a Costa Rican woman has a baby. It means “She gave light.”

Costa Rican currency is officially called the colon, but they often use the word harina (flour) to refer to their money.

Bri Bri is one of the indigenous languages still spoken in Costa Rica.

Fer-de-lance is the deadliest snake found in Costa Rica. It accounts for 80% of the country’s fatal snake bikes.

Costa Rica is the second largest exporter of banana. Ecuador leads.